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Dry, Spicy, and Upside Down Gibson Martini

Learn three Gibson recipe that we love here at Sable & Rosenfeld. The Gibson is a martini made with gin and dry vermouth, distinguished by its signature garnish of an onion instead of an olive. The first known Gibson recipe was published in more than a century ago in 1908.

Mushroom Tartlets

We chose to share this vegetarian as the Cremini mushroom gives this dish a nice woodsy flavour, and the thyme makes it even more interesting. Using the Sable & Rosenfeld Party Cup as the base.

Sunday Brunch - Bloody Mary Bar

Entertaining a houseful of guests is challenging. That’s why we’ve come to the rescue with a Bloody Mary Bar that's easy to prepare and your guests can help make. Learn four different Bloody Mary recipes, Kickin' Bloody Mary, Classic Bloody Mary, Mexican Mary, and the Cajun Mary. 

Tapas Platter

Assemble a plate of antipastos, deli meats, cheeses and fruits and nuts to keep your guests satiated with room for the entree. Pairs well with wine.

Creating the Perfect Bar

One of the golden rules for gracious entertaining is to have a fully stocked bar. It is presumptuous to offer just wine, or just hard liquor. Here is our basic "Perfect Bar" checklists. There may be other more exotic drinks to add, but these are the basics. 

How to make a great Charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are not only gorgeous, they contain a combination of flavours and nibbles for a simple no-fuss party snack! It’s not difficult to prepare a meat and cheese board, adding simple everyday ingredients takes very little prep and just minutes to build. We’ve included a few tips below to...